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Rehydrated yourself with our IV Therapy treatment in Bali

Detox Express provides vitamin IV therapy suitable for your needs. With the secret formula of our IV drip with vitamins through a hydrating base fluid, you should be able to recover faster and enjoy your holiday more. If quick energy boost and recovery are all you need, consider Detox Express therapy to come to your place and do the healing.

Feeling exhausted after a long flight? Suffering after unexpectedly eating dodgy foods? Forcefully resting for getting Dengue Fever? Everyone deserves a wonderful holiday, not wasting time resting on our beds. We understand this and we will help you experience your joyful holiday again.

How does IV Therapy work?


Book Your IV Hydration Therapy Appointment

We offer 24 hours call center ready to provide for your needs. As soon as you’re ready to book, click the button below to get in contact with our call center and make an appointment so that our team can provide IV therapy to your place.

We are also supported by general practitioners that can come to your place if needed so you don’t need to worry if you have several conditions. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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Wait For Our Team & Feel Free to Consult With Us

Congratulations on booking our secret IV treatments. Our teams (including doctors if you request) will go directly to your place. Take time to relax while our team prepares to give you special treatment. Also, feel free to consult with our team for extra treatments if needed.
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Feel Refreshed and Get Recovered

Whether it’s recovering from a long night, getting poisoned, or just a very needed boost, you’ll feel your IV therapy infusion begin to work immediately. Relieve headaches, get rid of nausea, and restore energy. You’ll feel like a brand new person!
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Choose your IV Therapy, improve your day greatly

Afraid of Syringe? No Problem

Don’t worry because we also provide Detox Express Juice for you. Juice cleansing restores, detoxifies, energizes, purifies, and balances the body with the mix of multivitamins inside it. Feel fresh every day and say bye-bye to needles!
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Do You Need a Doctor? We've Got You Covered

For some special cases, you need doctor to check up your condition before you get the therapy. Good news for you, our doctors are ready 24/7 for home service! With doctor coming to your place, you will get your health checked and get special treatments to recover you even faster.