beauty iv therapy

The secret of anti-aging is here!

Glowing skin is everyone’s dream, and this Anti Aging Secret IV treatment will help you to achieve it.

As we age, we are dealing more with duller and dead skin because of slower cell regeneration over time. Anti Aging Secret combines multivitamins and antioxidants to help regeneration of internal organs and skin cells. This regeneration will improve detoxification and helps the body to neutralize free radical stress.

This firming and brightening formula develops brighter, healthier skin with a freshly detoxed glow. 

Anti Aging Secret Details

  • 1000 ml IV solution
  • Multi Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Nourishment Antioxidant



  • IV solution prevents dehydration and rehydrates you after losing body fluid because of sickness or lots of activities involved.
  • Multi Vitamin B Complex helps break down several nutrients into energy, optimize cellular muscle function to the molecular level, and improve oxygen and glucose regulation.
  • Vitamin C mainly boosts your immune system. Vitamin C also assists with the production of collagen and stimulates new skin cells.
  • Antioxidant provides extra protection and additional nourishment to your skin. supports detoxification and helps the body to neutralize free radical stress.
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Need Special Treatment? Don't Worry!

Our doctors and nurses are ready 24/7 for you if you need them throughout the consultation. The doctor will prescribe your treatment based on health assessments and test results.

We will happily include a schedule and explanation for every ingredient subscribed to help you be fully aware of the medication you will receive.

We can address common deficiencies such as fever, anti-inflammation, and stomachache treatment. The doctor can also help you to develop a suitable plan for chronic disease cases.