detox express iv therapy

Stay healthy and enjoy the party with Detox Juice!

While IV therapy focused on getting multivitamin faster through your body, Detox Juice focus on replenishing your body with the easiest method that even you can do. This will help you to replenish your energy and recover your body anytime you need it. Go get your Detox Juice and replenish your energy and mood in no time.


detox juice zen

Detox Juice Jet

Our digestive system is the source of our energy. Once our stomach is not properly functioning, our activity will be affected dramatically. Enjoying your vacation will be much more difficult.

Detox Juice Jet is created to help your body for “speedy recovery”. Jen helps you recover from stomachache, headache, and internal inflammation, suitable for you who need immediate recovery after hangover parties and getting upset stomachs. 

Rp 48.000

detox juice jet

Detox Juice Zen

As Zen is mainly related to meditation (a method to gain peace and harmony in the universe), Detox Juice Zen is created to “bring peace and harmony” to your body. Not only improve your immune system and hydrate your body, but Zen also boosts your energy and supports detoxification of your body.

For those who need wonderful recovery after a long journey and vacation, Zen is a wise choice.

Rp 148.000

doctor on call

Do You Need a Doctor? We've Got You Covered

For some special cases, you need doctor to check up your condition before you get the therapy. Good news for you, our doctors are ready 24/7 for home service! With doctor coming to your place, you will get your health checked and get special treatments to recover you even faster.